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In the spirit of wellness, create space for learning with these essentials:

• Open your mind.
• No experience or flexibility is required. Yoga is for everyone.
• Wear non-restrictive clothes with removable layers.
• Remove shoes and socks. Bare feet are essential to feeling the grounded nature of Yoga poses.
• Come on an empty stomach.
• Refrain from wearing perfume, heavy cologne or strong essential oils.
• Let go of the competitive mind set!
• Honor yourself with loving kindness accepting the beauty of who you are.
• ASK QUESTIONS! Clarity will help you digest the experience.
• If you have a health issue (medical condition, injury...) please inform the teacher so that she may provide you with a safe, enjoyable session.
• Please remember that Yoga teachers are not a replacement for professional medical counsel. Consult your health practitioner and get proper consent when necessary.
• Honor your self and rest by coming out of poses when needed.
• If you miss a class please make up at your accomplished level.
• If arriving late take a deep breath and enter the Yoga room quietly.
• If you need to leave early inform your teacher before class and leave before Savasana (final relaxation).
• Let your mind rest during Savasana - Please refrain from talking.
• Open your heart! Enjoy the journey connecting your mindbodybreathheart.
• Seal your session with the “Namaste” tradition, which means
“The Divine Light within me honors the Divine Light within you.”

~ Namaste ~